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Welcome to the Machine

Dec 8, 2023 — Mar 16, 2024

Coinciding with the exhibition of artist David Levine’s Dissolution, on view in the Museum’s Amphitheater Gallery, Science on Screen presents a selection of films that depict humans reconstituted in computerized worlds. Each of the films represents the landscape of these worlds in a unique way. Sometimes it is through groundbreaking CGI (Tron, The Lawnmower Man). At other times, the human body is the portal (eXistenZ, The Matrix). And in some films, society itself is computerized (Alphaville, THX 1138, World on a Wire). Artists including Hannah Whitaker and John Menick push the boundaries of form to grapple with the implications of more recent innovations. All these works speak to an angst most palpable with the explosion of internet usage in the 1990s, but which can be seen in earlier dystopian portrayals where technology is synonymous with state power, surveillance, and control. The series will also include a panel discussion with Levine titled “<types furiously> I’m in!” 

Organized by Sonia Epstein, Curator of Science & Technology

Part of our ongoing Science on Screen series

Image: Operator (Hannah Whitaker, 2022)