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At MoMI, sometimes we present films for historical reasons. Or perhaps topical, critical, or contextual reasons. Sometimes we’re spotlighting a director, actor, time period, or movement. But then there are films that we keep going back to, that we keep coming up with new reasons to show, that we simply love rewatching with an audience. In this ongoing series, we spotlight roughly one film every month that we’re ardent to revisit in our theaters. We might have an institutional history with that film (2001: A Space Odyssey, The Muppet Movie), or a seasonal association (The Shop Around the Corner, Home for the Holidays, 25th Hour), or perhaps the audience has taught us that if we project it, they will come (Michael Mann’s Thief or Miami Vice). So whether it’s your first or fiftieth viewing of these films, we encourage you to join us to watch movies MoMI loves.