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Persistent Visions


Persistent Visions is an ongoing series dedicated to creatively pairing historical and contemporary experimental works and inspiring a dialogue across generations of filmmakers, films, and techniques. Each program highlights recurring topics and themes among disparate films and filmmakers, and aims to explore a diversity of viewpoints and approaches to adventurous works of cinema. While effectively drawing connections among decades of independent films and discourse, the series also strives to make these films newly inviting, accessible, and relevant to audiences discovering the work for the first time.

Past Events

An image of a church's ornate ceiling shot directly from below looking straight up
An extreme closeup of a microscopic round protean being in black and white, with fronds and feathers around its circular shape.
Silhouettes of people dancing against psychedelic color bubbles
An abstract image of reds and greens with a hint of purple
A cutout of a man in a red top hat and a dark face standing against red scaffolding
A graphic illustration of a woman looking with a serious expression on her face, with a backwards comic-strip thought bubble on the side of the frame
A cardboard cutout of a woman stands with her arms crossed against a diagram
A black and white photo of a girl's face looking at camera, covered partly by a white grid of rectangles
A collage animated image featuring a man silhouetted holding a briefcase under telephone line wires
A figure of a man in silhouette hunched over in front of yellow paper walls with light shining through
A man rows a boat towards a city on the river
Standing inside a house, a woman with curly brown hair looks off into the distance past the camera
Extreme closeup of a woman whispering in another's ear in profile
A black and white closeup of a man in profile with another man in the background
the top of a palm tree broken over a blue sky
A hand draws a circle on paper
a naked body hunched over, hair dangling and obscuring the face from the side
A close-up of a man on 16mm color film looking into camera.
An abstract image of pink, blue, and gold paint on glass
A man dressed entirely in green including over his head is seen from behind looking at a mountainscape
A reflection within a reflection of a face in a circular vanity mirror with a glowing light around it
A bearded, shirtless man reclines in bed and looks at camera.