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Corona King: A Tribute to Burt Young

Nov 4 — Nov 5, 2023

In honor of the Oscar-nominated actor from Corona, Queens, Museum of the Moving Image presents two films featuring scene-stealing performances by the recently departed Burt Young. Best known for his recurring role as Paulie in the Rocky films (for the first film in the series he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor), Young was a successful boxer while serving in the Marines, and he didnt begin acting for the screen until after he turned 30. But soon after with his first role as the avenging Gimpy in Carnival of Blood (which screens on November 4), he became a sought-after character actor, grabbing the attention of audiences and auteurs alike, including Roman Polanski (Chinatown), Mark Rydell (Cinderella Liberty), Sergio Leone (Once Upon a Time in America), Robert Aldrich (…All the Marbles), Abel Ferrara (Go Go Tales), and Sam Peckinpah, with whom he collaborated on both The Killer Elite and Convoy, the popcorn truck-driver film, which plays on November 4 and 5.