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A Welcome from Our New Executive Director Aziz Isham

November 13, 2023

Dear MoMI Community,

On October 1, I started at MoMI as the Museum’s third director—and I could not have chosen a more meaningful time to come on board. There are few cultural forces as powerful today as the screens that surround us. And MoMI, more than any other institution in the world, seeks to understand and appreciate this power. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to join this community and so excited for what lies ahead.

In 1929, Walter Benjamin said, “The illiterate of the future is not someone who can’t read the alphabet but someone who can’t create an image.” We’re living in that future. After just one visit to the Museum, I’ve seen people’s relationships with their screens completely transform. This is not hyperbole: I watched my son go from someone who watches movies on my iPad to someone who “borrows” it to make stop-motion movies with his Godzilla toys!

So, thank you for being part of this community. We appreciate you and your support—and I hope you’ll continue to visit, to bring your friends and family, to spread the word and become members. And thanks for opening your arms and sharing your appreciation of this magical place.

Creatives, filmmakers and film-lovers, gamers and videographers, animators and media-makers: this is your home. You’re all a part of what makes this Museum what it is—a space for empowerment and wonder and constant engagement, where we try to make sense of the forces that, every day, are forming our shared reality.

See you soon,
Aziz Isham

Photo by Joe Navaz