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A square-shaped logo with the words OPEN WORLDS in bright pastel colors that start with pink at the top and gradient into blue by the bottom. In the lower-left corner is the much smaller, square-shaped logo reading the words Museum of the Moving Image. It is hovering over an image of an all-white Museum of the Moving Image lobby.


Open Worlds, starting May 18, 2024, is a new initiative of Museum of the Moving Image, an accessible, 15,500-square-foot, climate-controlled, WiFi-enabled community resource for visitors of all ages looking to convene, find creative inspiration, learn about and experience new media technologies, or participate in one of many diverse programming selections. 

Boasting one of the largest free community spaces in Queens, MoMI will make Open Worlds available during all operating hours through October. Its offerings will include a wide range of free community and technology-focused programming spanning themes of content creation, Pride, accessibility, science on screen, special effects, video gaming, and much more. 

Learn more about individual Open Worlds programs and events here.

Programmatic support provided by the William Fox, Jr. Foundation. 

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As a MoMI member, you’ll be invited to exclusive events, get behind-the-scenes insights, and experience meet-and-greet moments with special guests.


Whether you’re helping the Museum to continue offering groundbreaking education programs, quality film screenings, innovative core and changing exhibitions, or maintain its remarkable collection, all donations are greatly appreciated.