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See It Big: 70mm!

Aug 5 — Sep 4, 2022

With a higher resolution and more light hitting the frame, 70mm film offers a bigger, brighter image than 35mm. It also offers richer sound, with more space on the soundtrack. It is the ideal film format for ambitious cinematic spectacles, yet with the transition to digital filmmaking, 70mm movies have become increasingly rare. Filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson, whose Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood and Licorice Pizza, respectively, are in this series, help to keep the tradition alive. In this selection of 70mm screenings, we’re also pleased to present original eighties favorite Tron; Brainstorm from the late special effects legend Douglas Trumbull; and a rare 70mm presentation of the gorgeous hand-drawn Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.

Please note: Top Gun screenings have been canceled due to Paramount Pictures’ decision to withdraw the film from circulation temporarily.