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Theorizing the Web Presents: Bad Company

Sep 9, 2020

This episode of Theorizing the Web Presents explores two of the more intangible aspects of corporate technology. In “Ordering the (Anti)Social: How the Advertising Industry Orders Your Mediated Experience,” Elinor Carmi examines how the digital advertising industry and tech companies in the European Union standardized different categories of web-based behavior. Next, in “Can We Call a Startup a ‘Cult’?,” Adam Willems cautions against using the framework of “cults” to characterize startup culture, arguing for an approach that connects the beliefs and practices of startups to those of larger historical and economic trends.

The discussions will be moderated by Dr. Apryl Williams, followed by an audience Q&A.


Discussions with creative figures in film, television, and digital media—formerly the Pinewood Dialogues—made possible with a generous grant from the Pannonia Foundation.