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Theorizing the Web Presents: Know Body

Oct 21, 2020

This episode of Theorizing the Web Presents offers medical and experiential perspectives on two somatic phenomena: endometriosis and ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). Endometriosis is a medical diagnosis, but it is also understudied and poorly understood as a condition. In “‘Hysterics’ on the Web,” Eileen Mary Holowka examines how people living with endometriosis use social media to navigate and manage their experience of living with gendered chronic pain. Conversely, current medical research can neither diagnose nor explain the experience of ASMR. In “ASMR in the Clinic,” Nitin K. Ahuja considers whether placebo studies can explain the therapeutic impact of clinically themed ASMR videos — and what clinicians can learn from such videos about delivering effective telemedicine during a pandemic. The discussion is moderated by Theorizing the Web board member Whitney Boesel. Use #TtwP to join the conversation on Twitter. For more information about this series, visit


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