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Tut’s Fever Movie Palace

Tut’s Fever is a working movie theater and art installation created by Red Grooms and Lysiane Luong, an homage to the ornate, exotic picture palaces of the 1920s

Behind the Screen

Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum's core exhibition immerses visitors in the creative and technical process of producing, promoting, and presenting films, television shows, and digital entertainment.

The Jim Henson Exhibition

Museum of the Moving Image

This dynamic experience explores Jim Henson’s groundbreaking work for film and television and his transformative impact on culture. 

An Act of Seeing: Barry Jenkins’s The Gaze

In his companion piece installation to The Underground Railroad, Jenkins further engages ideas about visibility, history, and power in moving-image portraits of the show’s background actors.

Twitch, Pop, Bloom: Science in Action

This video exhibition presents films produced for scientific education and entertainment between 1904 and 1936, an era when cinema was still a novel tool for manipulating time and scale to show what was imperceptible to the naked eye.

Tales in the Holoverse

The Museum is collaborating with creative technology studio Scatter on this project, which reimagines oral storytelling as a virtual, 3D experience and presents new possibilities for the future of the moving image. 

Living with The Walking Dead

This major new exhibition addresses the origins, production, fandom, and impact of The Walking Dead, one of the most watched shows in the history of cable television. Presented with support from AMC Networks.


Peter Pan

As part of our ongoing series on cinematographer James Wong Howe, Herbert Brenon’s rarely screened, magical silent adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s 1904 stage play will show on June 25 with live piano accompaniment by Makia Matsumura!


Bell, Book, and Candle

A sui generis Hollywood entertainment about a hipster Greenwich Village witch, played by Kim Novak, who casts a romantic spell on her upstairs neighbor (James Stewart), Bell, Book and Candle was released the same year as Stewart-Novak’s other famous pairing, Vertigo.


Night of the Living Dead

George A. Romero’s seminal, independent zombie movie, which laid the groundwork for the indie horror film, as part of our series Films of the Dead: Romero & Co.—next screening on July 9.

The Baron of Arizona

One of the most purely entertaining films legendary director Samuel Fuller made for indie producer Robert ​​Lippert, The Baron of Arizona was shot by James Wong Howe during a fallow period of his career for a small fraction of his normal salary, and his chiaroscuro, hushed tones, and focus on interiority defines a film that elides the outdoor grandiosity aimed for in so many B westerns.