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Puppetry on Screen: Marvels of Media Workshop

Saturday, Dec 2, 2023 at 12:30 pm

Location: Digital Learning Suite

As part of the Marvels of Media initiative, autistic children and their families are welcome to join us for Puppetry on Screen. Instructed by Puppeteer in Residence Brian Carson this media workshop focuses on the making of a short video (from 30 seconds to one minute) that involves puppet characters talking or resolving a problem. You will bring a puppet character to life on screen, choose a green-screen background, and create a short film scene. You can bring your own puppet, and puppets will also be available for use. Recommended for kids ages 7–13 and their families.   

Free with RSVP.  

About Marvels of Media  

Marvels of Media is an ongoing initiative and festival that showcases, celebrates, and supports autistic media makers of all ages and skill sets. Throughout the year, autistic visitors will be given guidance and instruction and taught how to express themselves creatively and tell their stories through audiovisual storytelling techniques. These ongoing media workshops will strengthen the socioemotional skills of autistic participants through puppetry for the screen, filmmaking, digital media, and animation activities. Learn more about the initiative and the festival’s current open call for submissions here