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Dan Perri and the Art of the Title Sequence

Oct 14, 2022 — Jan 1, 2023

Location: Video Screening Amphitheater

The title designer plays an important, often unsung role in establishing the tone that ushers a viewer into the world of a movie. Their work distills the picture into letterforms for the film title and opening credits, and can include the creation of an introductory film-before-the-film. This exhibit explores the art of the title sequence by focusing on designs by one of its most acclaimed practitioners, Dan Perri. His work in the industry spans 50 years, from the early 1970s through the 2010s, with title sequences that include the screaming sales pitch of Nashville, the neon glow of Taxi Driver, the opening crawl of Star Wars, the dripping paint of The Warriors, the jagged edges of A Nightmare on Elm Street, and many others. Alongside a presentation of some of his most iconic work, the exhibit includes an exploration of Perri’s collaboration on nine films with Martin Scorsese, alternate logo designs for Star Wars, a video interview, and more.

On November 13, Perri will participate in a conversation about his career alongside screenings. 

Organized by Barbara Miller, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs, and guest curator Lola Landekic, Editor-in-Chief of Art of the Title