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Below you'll find examples of the fantastic, adventurous work students from our camps and classes have created.

To see even more work or find tutorials so you can make your own, visit Moving Image Studio on YouTube.

Selections from Next Generation Animators

Check out the wonderful work produced during the Next Generation Animators course! The course is part of our ongoing Summer Media Camp program held virtually by the Museum of the Moving Image.

The campers who contributed their films are (in alphabetical order):

Bruno! Ella! Graham! Simon! Sophia! Zara!

Congratulations to all the campers who took the class! We are so proud of you! Keep creating! For more information about our Summer Media Camp and to register for our other amazing courses.

Music: "Inspirational Outlook" by Scott Holmes; "Storybook" by Scott Holmes

Adventures in Outer Space

Adventures in Outer Space is a stop motion animated film where astronauts search for material to repair their solar panel. It is a fantastical example of Afrofuturism and was created by the students of the Lower East Side Girls Club: Maya Smith, Janell Crosby, Allison Nunez, Sophia Gutierrez, Ashley Monterosa and Shanice Negron with instructional support by Beck Underwood and Kelly Adams.


What have you been making during these last few weeks? Filmmaker Juliette Yu-ming Lizeray created this stop-motion animation without leaving her apartment—exploring dreams, nightmares, and creative ways to pass the time while sheltering in place. At the end of the video, she turns her mic to the street, recording the sounds below from her window. Can you hear her neighbors clapping and singing along to Frank Sinatra's classic jam "New York, New York"?


Selkies are mythical creatures that can live as either humans or seals, depending upon whether or not they wear their magical skin.

Eve Liberman created this stop motion animated short by transforming her room into a mini movie set during her senior year of high school. She premiered her work at the Museum of the Moving Image's 2018 Teen Film Festival, winning the Moving Image Young Digital Filmmaker Award, and went on to teach media classes at the museum for middle school students.