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Spider-Man in TV Lounge

Jul 7 — Sep 7, 2012

Coinciding with the theatrical release of The Amazing Spider-Man, each week TV Lounge (in Behind the Screen) will feature an episode of the animated television series Spider-Man (1967), Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981), and the latest installation, The Ultimate Spider-Man (2012).

TV Lounge (1988), a Museum-commissioned artwork by Jim Isermann (b. 1955), is a riff on a mid-1960s suburban rec room: brightly colored wall decorations derived from the patterns of Op Art, upholstery with plastic slipcovers, a shag carpet, and a yellow Kentile floor.


Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: “The Crimes of All Centuries”

(Original air date: September 19, 1981)

July 7–13

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: “Spidey Goes Hollywood”

(Original air date: November 7, 1981)

July 14 –20

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: “The Quest of the Red Skull”

(Original air date: December 5, 1981)

July 21–27

The Ultimate Spider-Man: “Great Power”

(Original air date: April 1, 2012)

July 28–August 3

The Ultimate Spider-Man: “Great Responsibility”

(Original air date: April 1, 2012)

August 4–10

The Ultimate Spider-Man: “107”

(Original air date: May 6, 2012)

August 11–17

Spider-Man: “Kilowatt Kaper and The Peril of Parafino”

(Original air date: October 21, 1967)

August 18–24

Spider-Man: “The Night of the Villains and Here Comes Trouble”

(Original air date: November 18, 1967)

August 25–31

Spider-Man: “Fountain of Terror and Fiddler on the Loose”

(Original air date: January 6, 1968)

September 1–7