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West Side Story (Spielberg, 2021)

See It Big: Sondheim

Apr 1 — May 1, 2022

When composer, lyricist, author, artist, and all around innovator Stephen Sondheim died last November, he didn’t just leave behind an extraordinary corpus of work—he had exited a world that his art had forever changed. Though he will be first and foremost remembered for revolutionizing musical theater with his fully integrated narrative songs and mind-bogglingly complex melodies and librettos, his mark on the moving image is also indelible. With this survey, we are thrilled to give audiences the chance to see a selection of filmic interpretations of his stage work in the Museum’s theaters: musicals written for the screen, unexpected dramas to which he contributed scores or screenplays, and even a beloved documentary that allows viewers access to his process. See It Big is a collaboration between Museum of the Moving Image and Reverse Shot.