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See It Big! (January–March, 2013)


The Museum’s popular ongoing film series See It Big! celebrates the joys of large-scale moviegoing. It provides a chance to discover or revisit essential films in their full theatrical splendor in one of the finest film venues in the country. Great movies transport us into new worlds, and they immerse us visually and aurally. Despite the easy availability of movies on portable devices and small screens, there is only one way to really see a movie: BIG! The Museum always endeavors to show a film in the best available version, whether it is a stunning digital restoration, or a rare screening of a vintage Technicolor 35mm print. Projection formats are noted throughout.

See It Big! is curated as a collaboration between Reverse Shot editors Michael Koresky and Jeff Reichert and the Museum’s Chief Curator, David Schwartz, and Assistant Film Curator, Rachael Rakes.