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See It Big! 70mm

Jul 19 — Sep 1, 2017

Christopher Nolan is one of the few contemporary filmmakers dedicated to keeping alive the glorious format of 70mm film. With its bright, vividly detailed images and its rich sound, a 70mm film print offers a great theatrical experience. The Museum is pleased to kick off its annual See It Big! 70mm series with a special preview screening of Nolan’s eagerly anticipated new movie, Dunkirk, in 70mm. The series also includes the Museum’s all-time most popular film, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, a brand new 70mm print of Lawrence of Arabia, and a variety of cinematic treats including Nolan’s astonishing and provocative Interstellar (which offers a timely reflection on climate change), Patton, The Dark Crystal, Pink Floyd: The Wall, and two exciting rarities, the Soviet films The Story of the Flaming Years and The Enchanted Desna, directed by Yulia Solntseva, an unsung heroine of Soviet cinema who was also the first woman to win Best Director at Cannes (for The Story of the Flaming Years).

Unless otherwise noted, tickets for 70mm titles are $15 ($5 Museum members at Standard to Kids Premium levels / Free for Silver Screen members and above)