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RetroActive – A Disreputable Cinema Halloween

Oct 26 — Oct 31, 2019

The horror genre flourished in the 1980s, both in terms of industrial production and creative invention. Artists both previously associated with horror as well as those associated with supposedly more respectable film all visited that disreputable playground. In this respect, at least, nostalgia for the Reagan and Pac-Man era is well justified: We simply cannot let the ’80s die. In that spirit, Disreputable Cinema presents RetroActive, a series of that era’s horror films that all share a theme of resurrection—five films chock full of ghouls and creeps returned from the grave… returned again from the decade from which they came. These films exemplify the colorful excess, boundless energy, and rebellious attitude of 1980s horror and will chill you to the bone. 

Disreputable Cinema is organized by guest curators Jesse Berberich and Justin Rodriguez
Special Offer: $40 series pass good for admission to all five films. Order online (limited quantities available).