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Jul 17 — Jul 21, 2019

A small town by the sea. Five-year-old Sosuke lives high on a cliff overlooking the Inland Sea. One morning while playing on the rocky beach below his house, he discovers a goldfish named Ponyo with her head stuck fast in a jam jar. Sosuke rescues Ponyo and keeps her in a green plastic pail. Ponyo is fascinated by Sosuke. Sosuke feels the same about Ponyo. A little fish and a little human. Love and responsibility. The sea and life itself. In Miyazaki’s story of friendship and love between a boy and a magical fish who wants to become human, the sea itself comes to life to keep the two apart. And, it is up to Sosuke to return the world to balance. In an age of nervous anxiety and uncertainty, Ponyo also captures the unreserved bond between a mother and her child. Recommended for ages 5+

Screens in Japanese (with English subtitles) on July 21.