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Martin Scorsese Retrospective

Jan 15 — Apr 23, 2017

The ultimate cineaste, Martin Scorsese is as devoted to the history of the art form as he is to creating movies that push the medium in new directions. Over the past half-century, he has been restlessly inventive and ambitious, from his exuberant low-budget 1967 debut feature, Who’s That Knocking at My Door, set in New York, to his latest, Silence, a passion project that takes place in seventeeth-century Japan. A voracious viewer of film and reader of literature and history, Scorsese makes movies that reflect wide-ranging and varied influences, beyond classic Hollywood, and including documentary, avant-garde, and international cinema. And his work is far from insular; it is deeply engaged with the world. Along with the intense stylization that pervades his movies, there is always an underlying documentary impulse.

Presented in conjunction with the major exhibition, Martin Scorsese, devoted to the director’s work, life, and love of cinema, currently on view at the Museum, this comprehensive retrospective (which began in December 2016) features all of Scorsese’s films, programs with his creative partners, and a selection of films restored through The Film Foundation, the organization he helped found to save significant international films.

Related book: Martin Scorsese: He Is Cinema, a book of essays on every film directed by Scorsese, brilliantly edited by Michael Koresky and Jeff Reichert and published by the Museum and Reverse Shot. (Currently on sale exclusively in the Museum Shop)

Additional programs will be announced as they are confirmed.