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Este es un lugar de ambiente: Spotlight on Mexico’s Queer Scene

Sunday, Jun 16, 2019

Although queer icons and their idiosyncrasies are a big part of Mexican culture and folklore, their queer identities are often overlooked and ignored for the sake of maintaining the status quo in the country. For many years, activists, musicians, filmmakers, and everyday citizens have been fighting, from their respective corners in the vast country that is Mexico, for an equal and more diverse society. The fruits of this agitation are more tangible now, with a younger generation defying and challenging the patriarchy and heteronormativity a bit more every day. This program takes a closer look at different queer voices and their respective fights, whether toward having the right to be married, to be recognized, or to have acknowledged the struggle that is growing up and trying to make sense of the world from a non-normative perspective. It includes the visions of different filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and their takes on the queer scene in Mexico.

Organized by guest curator Lourdes Gil Alvaradejo