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Theorizing the Web Presents: Street Smarts

Oct 28, 2020

This session of Theorizing the Web Presents investigates the role of data in transforming how we relate to the economy and cities. In “I Agree: What Lies Beyond Terms and Conditions” Jenny Zhang takes the discussion around data privacy and refocuses it on collective, rather than individual rights.

By drawing parallels between data governance and other movements in pursuit of public goods, such as environmental protection and public health, Zhang broadens the scope of our imagination in how to loosen the hold of datafication on our lives. Then Leo Shaw’s presentation “Meet Me in the Ball Pit: Pop-up Experiences and Algorithmic Urbanism” shows us how the the social camera has the power to bend the urban environment to its will. From the Museum of Ice Cream to Meow Wolf, the field of so-called “experiential” design offers a window into the transformation of the built environment by the social web.

This episode is moderated by David A. Banks.


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