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Storyboard Creation

Jul 21, 2020

Any way you look at it—and there’s a lot to look at—this fanciful, narrative-decimating portrait of two young women who refuse to play by the rules of patriarchal society and begin to tear it all down is a singular vision that has to be experienced communally in a theater. Learn the pre-production techniques that inspire the filmmaking process of the music video for Machine Revival’s “Shut it D-D-Down.” Explore the exercises of free writing as brainstorming and storyboarding to create an experimental interpretation of a song. Also, watch Envisioning ‘2001’ Without HAL: Douglas Trumbull and Michael Benson where Museum of the Moving Image’s Director of Curatorial Affairs Barbara Miller presented a newly rediscovered storyboard sequence for “2001: A Space Odyssey” from the Museum’s collection.​ 

Music Credits: Machine Revival’s “Shut it D-D-Down”

Photo Credits: Rikers Island AP / Seth Wenig


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