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The Frequency of Fear: The Power and the Glory of the Motion Picture Soundtrack

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021 at 8:00 pm

A virtual lecture by Emmy-nominated sound designer and re-recording mixer Dean Hurley

In his virtual lecture The Frequency of Fear, Dean Hurley awakens viewers to the spiritual power of sound—on-screen and beyond. Cinema has long tapped into the fundamentals of fear in its use of sound. Even before the advent of the loudspeaker and synchronized motion picture sound, organs and pianos created tense sonic juxtapositions with images in film exhibition parlors and nickelodeons.

The sliver of the frequency spectrum audible to humans helps elucidate concepts of how energy and vibration physically manifest and affect the matter of our material world. After all, sound is simply vibrational energy we can hear. How humans arrived at organizing frequencies into the form of modern music is a mystery itself, as Hurley explains, dates back 5,000 years and involves “sky god visitors” who bestowed humanity with a system of measurement. Understanding our physiological experience of sound and its relation to our universe can illuminate and unlock a deeper understanding of the design of sound and music for the motion picture. This lecture will be followed by a Q&A.

About the instructor:

Dean Hurley is an Emmy-nominated sound designer and re-recording mixer. He has supervised soundtracks for directors like Werner Herzog and Oliver Stone, but perhaps is best known for his close and longtime collaboration with David Lynch. Hurley exclusively operated director David Lynch’s Asymmetrical Studio from 2005 to 2018, collaborating extensively on the sound and music for an array of Lynch’s film projects, most notably serving as sound and music supervisor for the third season of the Showtime television series Twin Peaks (2017).

About The Moderator:

C. Lavender (Lavender Suarez) is a multi-disciplinary sound artist, sound healing practitioner, and educator. She has albums and recordings featured on the labels Editions Mego, Ecstatic Peace! and RVNG Intl. Lavender is the author of Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives (Anthology Editions, 2020), about how listening can be a powerful source of inspiration. Lavender regularly collaborates with the Museum of Moving Image’s Education Department on sound design workshops.

Must be 15 or older to attend.

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