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Hadya Mahmoud (b. 1990, Egypt). She Looks Like a Cat, 2014 (detail). Courtesy of the artist.


Selections from Under the Subway Video Art Night

Jun 19 — Oct 11, 2019

Location: Video Screening Amphitheater

Under the Subway Video Art Night was founded in 2011, and incubated at Local Project art space in Long Island City, New York. A platform for emerging video artists, Under the Subway Video Art Night began with an open-air screening under the subway train near the now demolished 5 Pointz art building, where artists from around the world conducted workshops and rented studios. The annual event grew to include simultaneous international screenings during the month of June. Screenings are held at galleries, cultural centers, and museums, as well as other indoor and outdoor spaces.

The ten works exhibited here were compiled by Under the Subway Video Art Night founder and curator Antonio Ortuño from previous years’ programs. Some present the possibilities of digital art to create virtual or augmented landscapes. Others explore issues of isolation and alienation. Taken together, these works represent the event’s focus on exhibiting art that is playful, meditative, and formally diverse.

Kate Shaw (b. 1969, Australia)

Continuum, 2018

Video (color, sound), 3:48 mins.

Lisi Prada (b. 1956, Spain)

Deriva Escópica (Scopic Drive), 2015

Video (color, sound), 4 mins.

Elena Wen (b. 1980, Costa Rica)

Drop Dead, 2009

Video (color, sound), 1:15 mins.

Nicole Cohen (b. 1970, United States)

Crystals, 2015

Video (color, silent), 3 mins.

Jean-Michel Rolland (b. 1972, France)

Musical Landscape V, 2018

Video (color, sound), 3:10 mins.

Kuesti Fraun (b. 1976, Germany)


Video (color, sound), 24 mins.

Hadya Mahmoud (b. 1990, Egypt)

She Looks Like a Cat, 2014

Video (color, sound), 1:23 mins.

Clara Aparacio Yoldi (b. 1979, Spain)

Fragment edMemory, 2013

Video (color, sound), 3:04 mins.

Ricardo Muñoz Izquierdo (b. 1985, Colombia)

Inside Outside, 2014

Video (color, sound), 0:51 mins.

Roberto Voorbij (b. 1974, Netherlands)

Without Clear Purpose, 2016

Video (color, sound), 2:50 mins.