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Program Three: Best of International Sci-Fi Shorts

Saturday, Dec 17, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Location: Redstone Theater

Total Running Time: 102 mins.

Dir. Cory Williams, Jacqueline Cooper, 2022, 5 mins.
In this dreamily reimagined excerpt from Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night (1956), a poetic sailor is at peace in nature but challenged to feel a sense of belonging amongst friends.

Red Gaia
Dir. Udesh Chetty, 2022, 13 mins. 
Alone on the dying red planet, among the ruins of human civilization, one last android desperately guards the last essences of life. In her pursuit of meaning, she finds her own soul hanging in the balance.

Dir. Adam Hayes, Nick Hayes, 2022, 17 mins.
KILL–Burn explores social media’s impact on mental health. We follow three protagonists on a journey to discover the possibility of learning to love imperfect reality, rather than perfect virtual realities.

Dir. Carol Butron, 2021, 19 mins. 
As a small child, Teresa has to face the disappearance of her best friend, Lucas. After many years, Teresa begins to have a hunch that Lucas is alive, but in another dimension.

The Empathy Machine
Dir. Grant Sissons, 2022, 10 mins. 
Thembisile is a gifted neuroscientist who dreams of building a machine that will facilitate the download of consciousness, and, as its end purpose, facilitate the engendering of empathy. Progress on the machine is brought to a halt by the sudden death of her young daughter, Khanyisile. Thembi then uses the machine to attempt to reconnect with her daughter’s downloaded consciousness.

Dir. Baker Karim, 2021, 10 mins. 
When Earth has become uninhabitable, mankind seeks salvation by leaving the planet on interplanetary arks to colonize other worlds. But who is chosen to represent mankind in the future? (pictured above)

Dir. Shane Lim, 2020, 18 mins.
On the night of the largest supermoon in history, Willow is called upon by her estranged father and finds society’s elites gathered in a secret facility, ready to escape the planet.

The Collector
Dir Erik Sharpnack, 2022, 20 mins. 
In an alternate world, where memories can only be fully experienced through special devices, Christoph, after finding someone’s device, starts to blend his own memory with a stranger’s lost one.

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