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Mirror to Val del Omar’s Elementary Triptych of Spain

Saturday, Sep 9, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Location: Redstone Theater

With a presentation by program curator Elena Duque 

This program, organized by (s8) Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico, is structured to mirror the formal and aesthetic concerns of José Val del Omar’s Elementary Triptych of Spain, and place his work in conversation with others by historically significant and contemporary experimental filmmakers. Immediately following, program curator Elena Duque will discuss Val del Omar’s place within the history of international avant-garde cinema. 


Levantamiento de Una Isla  
Dir. Valentina Alvarado, Venezuela-Spain. 2017, 5 mins. Super 8 to HD video. 

The Seismic Form 
Dir. Antoinete Zwirchmayr, Austria. 2020, 15 mins. 16mm to HD video. 

Dir. Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, Mexico. 2019, 4 mins. 16mm. 


Burning Mountains That Spew Flame 
Dirs. Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado, Spain. 2015, 14 mins. 16mm to HD video digital. 

The Adventure Parade 
Dir. Kerry Laitala, U.S. 2000, 5 mins. 16mm. 

Hurry, Hurry! 
Dir. Marie Menken, U.S. 1957, 5 mins. 16mm.  


Cyclops Observes the Celestial Bodies  
Dir. Ken Jacobs, U.S. 2015, 15 mins. Video. 

Eaux d’Artifice 
Dir. Kenneth Anger, U.S.. 1953, 14 mins. 16mm. 

Puchuncaví 2019 Sueños 
Dir. Jeannete Muñoz, Chile. 2019, 3 mins. 16mm. 

Tickets: $15 / $11 senior and students / $9 youth (ages 3–17) / discounted for MoMI members ($7–$11). Order tickets. Please pick up tickets at the Museum’s admissions desk upon arrival. All seating is general admission. Review safety protocols before your visit.

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