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Love Letters: Video and Poetry Reading

Thursday, Feb 16, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Location: William Fox Amphitheater

Curated by writer-journalist Roshan Abraham and designer-organizer Mon Moha, Love Letters is a local annual community event celebrating the act of reading and writing letters. The event culminates in the writing of Valentine’s Day postcards of solidarity and support to women in prisons as part of a campaign by The Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee in Pittsburgh. Each year, a curated group of artists reflect on the expansiveness of familial, platonic, and romantic love through letters, providing inspiration to audience members before they communicate with someone who is in prison. Set during the week of Valentine’s Day, this year’s video and poetry presentation will include Dear Shirley by Queens-based artist Emmy Catedral, about Shirley Kwan, a Hong Kong actress whose scenes were cut from Wong Kar Wai’s film Happy Together; new video work by artist Shraddha Maharjan; and video readings by artists Kimi Hanauer, Georgia McCandlish, and Catalina Gallagher. This event will also feature in-person readings by writers Maya Lewis, Lena Afridi, Tope Mayomi, and Ify Akiti 

Free with RSVP. 

Please note: out of concern for immunocompromised participants, the organizers of this event have requested attendees to wear masks and to take a COVID rapid test before entering the space (masks and tests will be provided).