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Horror-Sci-Fi and Supernatural Shorts Program


Location: Bartos Screening Room

Followed by a Q&A with directors and producers

Good Head. Dir. Izzy Ezagui. United States. 2019, 8 mins. Otto awakens in a strange room to discover he is immobilized. His fellow prisoner, Rubin, teases him mercilessly until Otto panics and short-circuits the collar keeping him conscious. The alarm sounds, drawing the wrath of their true tormentor.

Stalag 3C. Dir. Jason Rogan. Belarus. 2019, 12 mins. In the final days of World War II, U.S. paratrooper Joe Boyd leads a daring escape from a Nazi POW camp, only to face a more horrifying evil beyond the prison walls.

Tomorrow Might Be the Day. Dir. Josefa Celestin. Scotland. 2018, 20 mins. A fanatic subjects his niece, whose faith wavers, to a baptism, in order to restore her faith and ultimately save her from an impending doomsday flood.

The Wound. Dir. Chris Levitus. United States. 2018, 7 mins. Strange things happen after a man wakes up bleeding from his chest.

Interminable (Trailer). Dir. Aaron Huisenfeldt. United States. 2019, 1 mins. The conglomerate Iridian is hacking minds using an optical implant device used to channel the internet straight to the brain. A rebellion, led by the daughter of Iridian’s CEO, must stop the worldwide mind hack by their program, called IRIS.

The Well. Dir. Filip Filkovic. Croatia. 2018, 20 mins. The Year is 2037, Europe is in shambles. The owner of the last well with natural clean water lives in Croatia. When one of his sales of clean drinking water ends in bloodbath, he becomes a substitute father and a husband. But when the well dries out, he makes one last “trade.”

Concession. Dir. Paul Odgren. United States. 2019, 6 mins. Michael touches his friend’s forehead and conjures a series of images that are impossible to explain. He forces her to confront the question: Should she trust him and believe the outrageous claim that he can see other people’s thoughts, or should she listen to her gut, call him crazy, and never look back?

Obsolete Model. Dir. Warren DiFranco Hsu. United States. 2019, 12 mins. A sentient artificial intelligence awakens to a world in dystopian ruin and charges two androids, INJUN and ISEE, to seek a model-borg named SARA.H, who can save the world by altering her past.

Incandescent. Dir. Alfred Thomas Catalfo. United States. 2019, 15 mins. When a nomadic alien race blots out the sun, an anguished young teacher tries to hold on to her humanity in a withering world.

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