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Documentary and Short Film Science Fiction Block

Saturday, Apr 6, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Location: Redstone Theater

Followed by a Q&A with directors and producers and special guest star Arnold Chun (Man in the High Castle) 

Program includes:

Dir. Liz Guarraccino. 2024, 2 mins. U.S. How would you feel if you found out the U.S. government created to catch a single being? 

Is Not Up to Us/Documentary 
Dir. Anthony Werhun. 2023, 13 min. U.S. Legendary visual artist Nancy Burson sparked a technological revolution by using computer morphing techniques to blend art and science, but she claims she didn’t do it alone. The complex truth behind Nancy’s beliefs and how they shaped her career evokes questions about the nature of creation and of reality itself.  

Dir. Robbie Bryan. 2022, 17 mins. U.S. At a magical bar, spirits from the other side can take the form of another human and interact with those in their past who need closure and reconnection. 

Fisherman’s Wife 
Dir. Jared Watson. 2023, 9 mins. U.S. A fisherman struggles to sustain himself and his daughter. His net catches only plastic refuse and animal carcasses. One bleak morning, after another failed fishing expedition, the fisherman makes a surprise discovery: a mermaid, washed ashore. She’s tangled in a net, terrified, and struggling to breathe. 

Dir. Richard Fenwick, 2023, 15 mins. U.K. Anna, a lonely computer coder, has been nurturing an illegal romance with an AI in a computer simulation for the past six months. When her company uncovers the affair, she’s forced into a desperate battle to save her precious relationship. 

Buffering…Please Wait 
Dir. Samantha Cheryl Lai. 2023, 14 mins. Canada. A nameless woman confronts the memory device embedded inside her brain, in search of a lost identity. The truth, however, bears too much weight. Whatever she uncovers continues to weigh her down, time and time again. 

The Unquiet Dead 
Dir John Gray. 2022,12 mins. U.S. A therapist treats an unstable young woman who claims to be harassed by an assortment of malevolent spirits demanding something from her.  

Lift Me Up 
Dir. Daniel Corey. 2023, 4 mins. U.S. Set in a futuristic Blade Runner universe, Lift Me Up is a music video that gives the listener a feel that blends the aura of Paul Simon with the rustic Americana of Bruce Hornsby and the raise-the-roof anthems of U2. 

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