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11th Orphan Film Symposium (Day 3)


NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Cinema Studies, and its Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program present the 11th Orphan Film Symposium, April 11-14, at Museum of the Moving Image. Scholars, archivists, curators, media artists, preservationists, collectors, and other enthusiasts will explore a variety of neglected works and moving image artifacts. For three days and four nights, Orphan will have screenings, presentations, and discussions about rare and rediscovered works (film, video, digital).

As in Plato’s Symposium (360 BCE), the theme is love. Love in the many senses of the word—romantic, spiritual, filial, physical, religious, parental, empathic. Love of others, humanity, planet, country, place, family, animals, food, pleasure, art, peace, learning. Or as Plato might say agápe, eros, philía, and storgē. Cinephilia itself opens the door to all kinds of films we love. Among the orphan categories, many relate to love: amateur films and home movies; advocacy films; works made by religious or charitable organizations; romance and melodrama; erotica, porn, dating do’s and dont’s; advertising and animation; patriotic pictures; cult films; movies for children. What films have inspired love (or hate), passions, or devotion?

Registration is open to all. Fee includes catered meals and swag. Students and the underemployed may pay half price. Museum members are also entitled to a 50% discount. To register, receive more information, and to see a full program, visit the Orphan Film Symposium website.