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The Pettifogger and The Rain Couplets with Lewis Klahr in person


Dir. Lewis Klahr. 2011, 65 mins. Digital projection. Preceded by The Rain Couplets (Kiss the Rain, The Street of Everlasting Love) 15 mins. The Pettifogger, Lewis Klahr’s first feature-length work, reinvents a familiar genre. Ostensibly a thriller about an American gambler and con-man, circa 1963, it is described by Klahr as “an abstract crime film and, like many other crime films involving larceny, a sensorial exploration of the virulence of unfettered capitalism.” Characters lifted from comic books move through an impressionistic landscape of textures, photographs, and drawings; Klahr recycles symbols of popular culture to address themes of the loss of innocence and the irresistible allure of wealth. In the emotionally intense new series, The Rain Couplets, Klahr deals with themes of love… and loss.

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