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The Greenhorns


In November 2007, activist and young farmer Severine von Tscharner Fleming graduated college and hit the road in her retrofitted station wagon. She was looking for a few acres of her own to grow on. Along the way, she started recording the stories and visions of fellow young farmers in America. Dozens of interviews with experts and movement leaders like Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, and Richard Heinberg investigate the “greenhorn” phenomenon.

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Lessons from a Landfill

Dir. Gretta Wing Miller. 2008, 28 mins. When you throw it away, where is “away?” This film looks behind the scenes at the daily workings of a rural Wisconsin county landfill, the recycling efforts of its determined solid waste manager, and the engineering details of constructing the last one-acre cell on the site, a cell that will be filled with another 100 million pounds of garbage in only four years. While this is a “state-of-the-art” landfill, it is also, in the words of manager Gail Frie, “a ten-acre plastic bag that will be there forever.”

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