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The Cross Revolves at Sunset: Restored Experimental Film from the Academy Film Archive

Sunday, Jan 23, 2011

The title of this mixed program of acknowledged masterworks and rarities was inspired by Keewatin Dewdney’s rarely screened gem The Maltese Cross Movement, which playfully explores many elemental and metaphorical aspects of celluloid cinema, themes touched on by other films in the show.

The Maltese Cross Movement

Keewatin Dewdney, 1967, 7 mins.

Penny Bright and Jimmy Witherspoon

Robert Nelson, 1967, 4 mins.

Hotel Cartograph

Scott Stark, 1983, 11 mins.

The Divine Miracle

Daina Krumins, 1973, 6 mins.

Sky Blue Water Light Sign

J.J. Murphy, 1972, 9 mins.

Eclipse Predictions

Diana Wilson, 1982, 4 mins.

What’s Out Tonight Is Lost

Phil Solomon, 1983, 8 mins.

Hand Held Day

Gary Beydler, 1975, 6 mins.


Peter Rose, 1977, 14 mins.

Dead Reckoning

David Wilson, 1980, 9 mins.


Standish Lawder, 1972, 16 mins.