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Shorts Program


Jan Svankmajer’s short films range from absurdist to allegorical, filled with startling images that celebrate unrestrained imagination while satirizing the machinery of a repressive society. This selection was programmed by Irena Kovarova. Flat (Byt) 1968, 13 mins. The Garden (Zahrada) 1968, 19 mins. Jabberwocky 1971, 12 mins, Dimensions of Dialogue (Moznosti Dialogu) 1971, 12 mins. The Food (Jidlo), 1992, 17mins,  35mm Darkness Light Darkness (Tma Svetlo Tma) 1990, 10 mins. 

Please note that due to technical issues, this program has been slightly altered from the original announcement. 

Free with Museum admission.