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Razzle Dazzle: The Lost World and A Loft


With Ken Jacobs in person

Razzle Dazzle

Dir. Ken Jacobs. 2006, 92 mins. A feature-length embrace of digital editing and relatively low-tech special effects as a means of—among other things—examining, stretching, slowing, expanding, and otherwise playing with a 1903 Thomas Edison short film of people gazing into space (and time) as they spin on an amusement park ride.

A Loft

Dir. Ken Jacobs. 2010, 17 mins. Jacobs applies exacting digital techniques to footage of his New York City working and living space. The loft, crowded with books and film equipment, is rendered in vivid digital colors, inverted, and broken into planes that flatten the space, while Jacobs’s signature stroboscopic effects give the illusion of three-dimensionality.

Free with Museum admission.