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Men, Women, and Marriage


With a female audience driving the nickelodeon boom, and a feminist movement slowly gaining ground in the outside world, in 1911, the battle of the sexes was often portrayed in surprisingly progressive ways. (Program approximately 80 mins.)

In the Chorus

16mm print courtesy of Library of Congress. Thanhouser Studio. Having given up her child years earlier, a showgirl is unhappy with her daughter following the same career path.

Mixed Pets

Dir. Alice Guy-Blaché. 17 mins. 35mm print courtesy of Library of Congress. Solax Studios. Domestic confusion ensues when a new dog and a new baby are simultaneously introduced into a newlywed household.

Proving His Love, or The Ruin of a Beautiful Woman

35mm print courtesy of Library of Congress. Vitagraph Studio. With Maurice Costello. An unfortunate twist of fate provides the opportunity for a reporter to demonstrate the depth of his love for a beautiful actress.

Cupid’s Monkey Wrench

35mm print courtesy of Library of Congress. Powers Studio. With Pearl White. A young woman calls in a plumber to fix her radiator, igniting a string of romantic complications.

Troublesome Secretaries, or How Betty Outwitted Her Father

Dir. Ralph Ince. 35mm print courtesy of Library of Congress. Vitagraph Studio. With John Bunny, Mabel Normand, Ralph Ince. All Dad’s (male) secretaries fall in love with Betty, but she turns the tables when he tries to fill the position with a sixty-year old.

Her Awakening

Dir. D.W. Griffith. 35mm print courtesy of Museum of Modern Art. Biograph Studio. With Mabel Normand, Harry Hyde, Kate Bruce. An attempt to hide her working-class origins appears to have disastrous consequences for an attractive office worker.

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