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Please be advised: the Museum will be open on Wednesday, June 19, 12:00–6:00 p.m. for the Juneteenth holiday.


IndieCade East: Night Games


IndieCade, the country’s premier independent video game festival, makes its East Coast debut at the Museum, with a weekend of playable games, presentations, game jams, and more. View festival overview and games in the showcase.

For one night only, explore a selection of physical and digital games ranging from collaborative to competitive, sublime to athletic, meditative to explosive, solo to multiplayer. Night Games will take over two floors of the Museum, and will include buttons mounted on hard hats, iOS-monitored cooperative dancing, and dozens of laser pointers. Participants also enjoy access to the IndieCade East Game Showcase and the Museum’s exhibition Spacewar! Video Games Blast Off throughout the evening.



Strange Flavor

is a competitive sports game for two or four players. Score a point by dunking a ball in the water on the opposing team’s side; lose a point for falling in the water. With an emphasis on aerial acrobatics, split-second decision-making, and mind games, BaraBariBall has been described as “that perfect mix of pixel elegance and stellar fluid motion, like watching basketball through mosaic sunglasses.”—Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet

Hit Me!

Kaho Abe

Hit Me! is a two-player, hyper-interactive, physical game that tests speed, agility, and the ability to take good snapshots. Hit a button on top of an opponent’s helmet to take a photograph of the opponent. Each hit is worth one point, with two additional points possible based on the quality of the photo.

Panoramical: A Musical Landscape

Fernando Ramallo and David Kanaga Country

Panoramical is an interactive musical landscape controlled by a repurposed DJ device. Adjust sliders and knobs to gradually alter the world’s shapes and sounds. Every combination produces a unique environment and musical soundscape.


Mario von Rickenbach

Rakete is a cooperative multiplayer game for up to five players where each player controls one thruster on a rocket. Work together to land the rocket safely.



Renga is a feature-length game played by an entire audience directing laser pointers at a cinema screen. Ambushed and left for dead in deep space, players work collectively to gather resources, build a new ship, confront the enemy, and finally return home. Combining real-time crowd interaction technology, retro video game aesthetics, and a wry sense of humor, Renga harnesses the power of crowd decision-making to turn the traditional hero’s journey on its head and create a deep sense of camaraderie among players.



Searchlight, which makes its world premiere at IndieCade East, is a cooperative physical game for two players. Carry objects out of the central play area as quickly as possible, but don’t get caught moving by the searchlight. 



Yamove! is a b-boy style dance battle game that augments face-to-face dancing with technology. Strap on an iOS device and compete with a partner in three rounds, completing high intensity, synchronized, diverse dance routines for high scores based on accelerometer data. Yamove! was created by researchers and students at NYU-Poly Game Innovation Lab inspired by findings that being physically “in sync” builds trust and forms emotional bonds.

Roaming Gnomes

Pete Vigeant

Roaming Gnomes, which makes its world premiere at IndieCade East, is a ridiculous group challenge about communication and teamwork set in Gnometopolis on Gnu Year’s Eve. Transport gnomes and their props to their final destinations during the lunchtime rush, quickly deciphering commands and abilities written in Gnomish to make every delivery before time runs out.

: $12 public / $9 students/seniors/Museum members. Order online or call 718 777 6800 to reserve tickets. A full festival pass, allowing the holder admission to all IndieCade events, is available for $80 / $60. Free admission for Silver Screen members and above. Children ages 13+ and students are eligible for student level passes with valid ID. IndieCade East access for children 3–12 included with regular Museum admission ($6).