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Five Corners


With John Turturro and John Patrick Shanley in person. Moderated by Kevin Corrigan.   

Dir. Tony Bill. 1987. 90 min. 35mm. With John Turturro, Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins. Filmed in Astoria but set in the Bronx in 1964, Five Corners is an American independent film whose many fans include the actor Kevin Corrigan. Corrigan hosts this special rare screening of director Tony Bill’s 35mm print, with actor John Turturro and the award-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley in attendance.The first filmed screenplay by Shanley (although released after Moonstruck), the film follows three friends as they attempt to deal with the unwelcome return of Heinz (Turturro), a neighborhood thug recently released from prison. After serving time for the attempted rape of Linda (Jodie Foster), Heinz comes back to his old neighborhood with the intent of terrorizing old enemies and as well as old friends. To Corrigan, the film is about New York as a “melting pot, something romantic about believing (or wanting to believe) in the potential for diverse backgrounds to converge, for love and acceptance to prevail–which is pretty big dream.” The actors Kathleen Chalfant, Beth Berridge, Carl Capotorto, and Todd Graff will also be in attendance.

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