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Febre do Rato (Rat Fever)


Note: Director Claudio de Assis is unable to attend the screening of Febre do Rato due to an unexpected change in schedule.

Brazil. Dir. Claudio de Assis. 2011, 110 mins. With Vitor Araújo, Conceição Camarot, Juliano Cazarré. Rat Fever is a wry, alcohol-drenched story of unrequited love on the fringes of tropical Recife. Zizo, an anarchist poet, falls immediately in love with sober Eneida. She does not mind being his muse, but she refuses to go any further than that—whereas in Zizo’s circle of friends, made up of bohemians and outcasts, everyone freely goes to bed with everyone else. Meanwhile, Zizo fights a dubious battle against The System, through his self-published newsletter Febre do rato and a series of subversive but ineffective street performances.

Tickets for Friday evening screenings: $12 ($9 for senior citizens and students / free for Museum members) and includes admission to the Museum’s galleries, which are open until 8:00 p.m.