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Digital Works by Ernie Gehr and Michael Snow


Introduced by Ernie Gehr

*Corpus Callosum

Dir. Michael Snow. 2002, 93 mins. 16mm.

Preceded by:

Cotton Candy

Dir. Ernie Gehr. 2002, 64 mins. Digital projection.

Opening with a cheeky nod to his own Wavelength, *Corpus Callosum is a satiric retrospective of the avant-garde master Michael Snow’s body of work, set in an information-age office, featuring visual gags and digitally produced distortions, and shot and edited on video. Cotton Candy is another video remembrance of sorts, by an artist best known for his 16mm films, here using DV technology to preserve the eclectic collection of cinematic carnival toys at San Francisco’s Musée Mécanique. Like the corpus callosum of Snow’s title, these works bridge a gap—between film and video, past and present.

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