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Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari


Russia. Dir. Alexsei Fedorchenko. 2012, 106 mins. Fedorchenko conjures a one-of-a-kind film of folklore-based tales rooted in the autonomous Mari El region of central Russia—an area filled with lakes, forests, and long-standing traditions. The Mari are one of world’s last remaining nature-based pagan societies. In Meadow Mari, sexual maturation, fertility, love, and marriage intermingle with rituals and nature. Here you will find a woman cursed by a jealous tree, another disappearing as she becomes the “lover of the wind,” and a voluptuous aunt rubbing her flat-chested niece down with her towel in order to pass along some femininity.

Preceded by Prospect. United States. Dirs. Zeek Earl & Chris Caldwell. 2013, 13 mins. A teenage girl and her father hunt for precious materials on a toxic alien planet, but roving bandits want the same thing.

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