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An Evening with Stiller and Meara

Thursday, Mar 10, 2011

New York City has been at the epicenter of comedy since the days of vaudeville. The city has spawned a sophisticated approach to comedy rooted in sharp verbal humor and contemporary relevance. In the 1960s, a group of distinctly New York comedians performed their standup routines on network television, and made a huge cultural impact with a sharp-edged style that was politically engaged, socially relevant, and verbally inventive. In the coming months, the Comedy Hall of Fame and Moving Image will present three evenings of conversations with legendary comedians who were part of a comedy movement that can be called The New York School.

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara made frequent appearances throughout the 1960s and 1970s on such shows as The Ed Sullivan Show; they are now making a weekly Web series, Stiller and Meara: A Show About Everything. Stiller and Meara will discuss their careers in a program moderated by New Yorker writer Ben Greenman. An Evening with Stiller and Meara is part of The New York School (1955–1965), a three-part series co-presented with the Comedy Hall of Fame. Upcoming programs will be announced.

Tickets: $20 public / $10 Museum members / Free for Silver Screen members and above. Tickets may be either purchased or reserved (for Silver Screen members) by calling 718 777 6800.