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Jurgen Heimann (left) and Rick Baker (right) prep a "Bass School alien" on the set of Men in Black 3


Aliens, Gadgets, and Guns: Designing the World of Men in Black 3

May 9 — Oct 8, 2012

Location: Behind The Screen Gallery

Rick Baker, the master special effects makeup artist who has won seven Academy Awards, created the alien creatures for the Men in Black movies. Baker’s extraterrestrials are among the most memorable visual elements in the comical action adventure series about a pair of agents who monitor a population of unruly space aliens posing as ordinary citizens. Futuristic firearms and ingenious gadgets are also integral to the vividly imaginative world of the Men in Black. Aliens, Gadgets, and Guns: Designing the World of Men in Black 3 presents over 25 objects from the third installment of the series, and includes Baker’s alien creatures, memory-erasing neuralyzers, alien weapons, a monocycle, and the iconic black shades worn by Agents J and K. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Baker creating alien creature makeup is also featured in the exhibit.

All photos by Wilson Webb. © 2012 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.