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Open Worlds, starting May 18, 2024, is a new initiative of Museum of the Moving Image, an accessible, 15,500-square-foot, climate-controlled, WiFi-enabled community resource for visitors of all ages looking to convene, find creative inspiration, learn about and experience new media technologies, or participate in many diverse programming selections. 

Boasting one of the largest free community spaces in Queens, MoMI will make Open Worlds available during all operating hours through October. Its offerings will include a wide range of free community and technology-focused programming spanning themes of content creation, Pride, accessibility, science on screen, special effects, video gaming, and much more. 

All programs are free and unless noted do not require prior registration.

Upcoming Events

More than Meets the Eye
Friday, June 28 & Saturday, June 29 
MoMI opens its doors for a series of free events that bring into conversation mycologists, biologists, and ecologists alongside artists and filmmakers, exploring how the tools of science and cinema can reveal more of our urban landscape than is visible to the naked eye. This program is supported by the Simons Foundation. 


ray ferreira’s An echo wails, whispers an undulating pattern:
Video, Artist Talk, and Reception
Friday, July 12
Join us for a presentation of new work by ray ferreira on the Museum’s Lobby Wall and Fox Amphitheater. Exploring the connections between queerness, embodiment, and speculative fiction, this video installation looks at bodies as sources of labor-power, ideological constructions, and sites of possibility granted by history and indeterminate futures. As part of the programming, we will host an artist talk with ray ferreira moderated by artist-writer Daniella Brito on Friday, July 12 at 7:00 p.m. and present ray ferreira’s installation in the Museum’s Lobby Wall, 8:00–10:00 p.m. with a reception and music by DJ Aguapanela Mami in our Digital Learning Suite. 

Toying with the Movies 
Sunday, July 21, 3:00 p.m.  
Pull back the curtain and learn the shocking secrets behind bringing toys, prop replicas, and collectibles from the big screen to your home. Sit in rapt wonder as industry experts reveal harrowing true tales of their unique art, working with Universal, Warner Bros, Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, DC, and others. Gasp in terror at the fight over Frankenstein’s coat! Roar with laughter at the actor who refused to believe he was shorter than his costars! Unearth the intimate details of the infamous mask from the Halloween series! In the Fox Amphitheater.


More events will be added as they are confirmed.

Programmatic support provided by the William Fox, Jr. Foundation. 

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