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Mario Montez, Superstar

Sunday, Nov 13, 2011

Mario Montez, the Puerto Rico-born New York performer, was a true superstar of the New York

underground scene in the 1960s. He was the first drag queen to star in Andy Warhol’s films, and he also starred in Jack Smith’s notorious masterpiece Flaming Creatures, in films by Ron Rice and Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, and in theater productions by Charles Ludlam. Montez, whose name is a tribute to the Latina Hollywood actress Maria Montez, was a compelling screen presence with an uncanny blend of playful self-awareness and genuine vulnerability, as well as humor and endless charisma. This is one of his first public appearances in New York City in 30 years. The program is presented in cooperation with the Fashion in Film Festival, Yale University, and the Museum of Modern Art.