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Lewis Klahr: Recent Work

Mar 9 — Mar 10, 2013

Organized by Chief Curator David Schwartz

Lewis Klahr in person at all screenings

The prolific stop-motion filmmaker Lewis Klahr has been making collage films for more than two decades, works drawn from the ephemera and detritus of popular culture, including comic books, advertisements, magazine illustrations, newspapers, and other discarded material. Dreamlike and iconoclastic, they are at once rooted in the shared collective consciousness of popular culture and the private subconscious terrain of personal desires and emotions. Until recently, Klahr has made relatively short films, often grouped together in series. The 65-minute film The Pettifogger is his first feature-length work; on the occasion of its completion, and the completion of The False Aging Trilogy, the Museum presents a weekend retrospective of Klahr’s recent work.