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They Made Me a Criminal

A remake of Archie Mayo’s 1933 pre-Code The Life of Jimmy Dolan, this Warner Bros. crime film features John Garfield, in his first top billed role, as a New York boxer who goes on the lam to rural Arizona after being wrongly accused of murder.

But I’m A Cheerleader

The cult fervor for this early 2000s video store queer favorite remains as strong as ever thank to its streaks of black humor, John Waters–inspired aesthetic and color palette, and sincere performances from its romantic leads.

Acts of Love

On June 10, with director Isidore Bethel in person! This documentary is a singular work of exploration and confession.



Audrey Diwan's brilliant and searing drama about illegal abortion in France in the 1960s, winner of the Golden Lion at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, plays June 11, 18 & 24.



James Wong Howe paired for the first time with frequent collaborator William K. Howard for this ensemble dramatic thriller set entirely on a transatlantic ocean-liner where the high seas aren’t nearly as dangerous as the passengers, conspiring and interfighting over fortunes made and lost.


The Power and the Glory

This early sound gem provided a young Spencer Tracy with a meaty, larger-than-life showcase as Tom Garner, a cigar-chomping, up-by-his-bootstraps industrialist whose supposed villainy is steadfastly contradicted by his right-hand man.



William Inge’s smash 1953 Broadway production, which dared to uncover the smoldering desires of small-town American life, was transformed into a hit movie by studio stalwart Joshua Logan, who also directed the original stage version.


In his remarkable feature debut, director Christos Nikou has created a poignant allegorical drama that uses a near-future dystopian conceit to question what it means to be human while also reflecting on memory, identity, and loss.


Bell, Book, and Candle

A sui generis Hollywood entertainment about a hipster Greenwich Village witch, played by Kim Novak, who casts a romantic spell on her upstairs neighbor (James Stewart), Bell, Book and Candle was released the same year as Stewart-Novak’s other famous pairing, Vertigo.

Celebrate Juneteenth at MoMI

From June 17–19, celebrate the holiday commemorating the official end of slavery in the United States, and stop by MoMI for a weekend of media-making activities for the whole family that celebrate Black American heritage. 


The Princess and the Frog

On June 17 and 19, celebrate Juneteenth with this gorgeously animated modern retelling of the classic Grimm fairy tale “The Frog Prince,” featuring Disney's first Black American princess.