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ROOM H.264: Astoria, NY, January 2018

Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Location: Redstone Theater

With Jeff Reichert and Damon Smith in person

Dirs. Jeff Reichert, Damon Smith, Eric Hynes. U.S.A. 2018, approximately 45 mins. Digital projection. This film, to be shot, edited, finished, and screened all within the dates of the First Look festival, is an open-ended homage to Wim Wenders’s documentary Room 666. As in Wenders’s original, visiting filmmakers, alone with a camera in a hotel room, will answer the question “Is cinema a dead language, an art which is already in the process of decline?” Participants will include an international selection of filmmakers visiting for First Look 2018. World premiere.

Tickets: $15 (Free for members at the Film Lover level and MoMI Kids Premium levels and above). Order tickets online. (Members may contact [email protected] with questions regarding online reservations.)