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Philip K. Dick Festival Opening Night: International Sci-Fi Film Shorts

Thursday, Apr 4, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Location: Bartos Screening Room

Followed by a Q&A with directors and producers and special guest Matthew Modine 

Program includes:

Burner Face 
Dir. John Gauntt. 2023, 2 mins. U.S. Composed by a team of three creatives + Midjourney AI, this trailer tells a story in less than two minutes. It is not a tech demo but a taste of what’s possible when culture and code come together. 

City Beyond the Tunnel
Dir. Lucilla Colonna, 2023, 15 mins. Italy. A train very similar to the one featured in Federico Fellini’s City of Women is carrying Francesca, a nowadays woman. Strange events follow.  

Set a Date 
Dirs. Elías Balda, Cosme Mañero, 2022, 11 mins. Spain. Thanks to new technology, Andrés, a young policeman, discovers that he will die in 20 minutes. 

Not Him 
Dir. Sarah Young. 2023, 15 mins. U.S. When her husband turns strange and violent, the wife becomes convinced he is possessed. But will anyone believe her? 

Suicide III 
Dir. Steph Maj Swanson. 2023, 9 mins. Sweden. President Biden announces a new task force of bird-like federal augurs, directing them to stage a shamanistic intervention at the world’s largest hacker event. Can they protect the sovereignty of the future from time-meddling AI corporations?  

Dir. Liz Guarraccino. 2024, 10 mins. U.S. How would you feel if you found out the U.S. government created to catch a single being?  

The Old Young Crow 
Dir Liam LoPinto. 2022, 12 mins. Japan. An Iranian boy befriends an old Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo. 

Dir. Matthew Modine. 2023, 7 mins. U.S. Matthew Modine’s new short film is a sensual exploration of the unexplainable. Featuring the voice talents of Ruby Modine and longtime Kubrick collaborator Leon Vitali (in his final performance), the short uses sound, music, and expressionistic imagery to take viewers on a journey of the heart and mind. 

Q&A with director/writer Matthew Modine, producer Adam Rackoff, and editor/visual effects artist Terence Ziegler after the screening 

Tickets: $15 / $11 senior and students / $9 youth (ages 3–17) / discounted for MoMI members ($7–$11). There is a $1.50 transaction fee per ticket for all online purchases. The cost of admission may be applied toward a same-day purchase of a membership. 

Order tickets. Please pick up tickets at the Museum’s admissions desk upon arrival. All seating is general admission.